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Hello People of the World;

Well, summer has finally reared its muggy, ugly head. Much to the surprise of the entire human race, caught again flatfooted and unawares that the earth turns and that some times, typically between May and September, the northwestern section slowly rotates and faces this nearly invisible light in the sky we call “The Sun”. Oh well. I guess we all can’t be scientists.

Here we are again in the patriotic of months, July. Nothing really new to report here, to celebrate America’s independence, I get a lease sign by a bunch of old white atheists and never honor the bargains we made with the people whose houses we moved into without asking them. Then we make up all the rules and the system of laws that make sure that those folks never get their house back and when we aren’t killing them into oblivion, we are spreading diseases among them, killing off their resources, and forcing them to live on specific spots in their own back yards; never once acknowledging that they are even humans because 4th of July, dammit.

All right, let’s get going:

1:[ MY TALKS WITH BONN: The biggest topic, which now seems current and happening that Bonn and I have been talking about lately is the Rapid Decline of HBO’s “Games of Thrones”. We agree that since the FratBros that run the show ran out of George RR Martin’s material they just have not been up to snuff in their own writing to keep the tone, characters, and story consistent at all.

I lost interest after season five and I still feel that Jon Snow coming back was stupid. It took away any sort of real threat to the characters because he was a fan favorite. Worse, he was resurrected because show fans thought he was the prophesized prince, or some such. Which leads to another shitty weakness of the show now; we need fiction to stop telling us to believe that prophecy is true. It’s dumbing down the very great anti-war, aint-religious aspects of the original novels. Sure, there is magic in them, I hear you saying that, but magic is not religion, it is the farce of religion.

All of the characters stopped acting like their characters. Arya, Sansa, Jon, Cersei, Danyres, Tyrion, most especially Jamie, who was up to this point a graduated character having seen past his violent nature, excised his past, and had grown as a enlightened character is now just a rubbish character.

Preston Jacobs, a YouTube critic of the series had this take – that the showrunners, D&D, are good thematic writers but awful logical writers. Danyres going to Drangonstone is good thematic writing, its’ her birthplace, it’s associated with dragons, but make absolutely NO LOGICAL SENSE since she got there without being seen, sailing right past Kings Landing only to be defeated by Euron’s fleet, even though, SHE HAD FUCKING DRAGONS! Makes no sense. D&D are just playing to plots and playing to the “Feels” rather than telling a coherent story. It’s fan-servicing rather than storytelling…

2:[ MY TALKS WITH CHARK-ATTACK: Our New Movie Theater Jobs

So, Char and I have new jobs in the movie theater industry. She works in the kitchen of a high-end theater. I am a “projectionist” at another high-end one on the other side of town. What is funny is that since we both love movies, we get to get in free being employees. But I barely take advantage of my perk. The theater I work at has reserved seating and recliners in many of the houses. But when I had a chance to see “Spider-man: Homecoming” there, I did not take it. I was just too tired of being on-site there that I eventually went and paid and watched it at the theater Char works. Funny. She is taking every advantage of her employment, taking her mom, her sister, and her friends to the movies every chance she gets. I am so proud…

3:[ So, I have a new job that takes me to the southwest loop to the Roosevelt Collection with is a strip mall type things, but walking to my work offers me a really nice view of Willis Tower. Which I find to be a really- what’s that? Oh, yeah, it’s Willis Tower. I mean, for those of us who got the fuck over it. I mean, come on. This is why teams will never change their names from “Redskins” because of this collective attitude about naming things being tradition. Look, I really don’t mind if you keep calling it “Sears Tower”, you are allowed to, but just know, you’re Wrong!


Last time I wrote about how tough duct tape is in keeping my cowboy boots intact. This month I am writing about the enduring Cowboy Mystique and how it still seems to capture folks’ imaginations. I am not talking about the old western cowboys, with fringed shirts, dungarees tucked into boots, and shiny spurs of old TV and the movies. I am talking about the still-out-there, range roving, saddle tramp that seems to endure in every age. The Rancher’s Sons can only envy the lonesome cowboy figure; a figure that cuts lean and is punctuated with the perfect hat and the rugged-est of boots.

I mean cowboy boots are tough, they’re cool, sexy, no man OR woman can go wrong by wearing a pair no matter where they live, mostly due to that Cowboy Mystique. It is the boots that keep the mystique alive even living here in the city. That cowboy mystique keeps thriving, even thrives in the post-Brokeback Era!

I own a very used pair of Roper style boots, that are on the brink of flying apart but for the coolness of the imagery of cowboys that they evoke that attracts many people to them. The boots, not me…. Such is their power.

5:[ I don’t know why people rag on CTA Train drivers when there is a delay. People take them so personal as if they are delaying the train specifically to annoy your stupid ass. Then, they have the temerity to post the stupidest complaints about them on Facebook.

So, the other day, the driver stopped the train and announced that she was leaving the train due to “unauthorized persons on the railway”. Everyone in the car all huffed and puffed as if they were being delayed from the surgery they were set to perform to save an orphan’s life. Then, the posts on social media…
Not, “Thank you to the CTA conductor for making sure the train is safe and operational and that we won’t derail anytime soon!” Yeah, right…

6:[ Overheard on the CTA:

1st Guy: You know what ‘scape-goating’ is, right?

2nd Guy: Yeah, that is where you place the blame on someone or something else entirely when something goes wrong.

1st Guy: Exactly. So here’s who we’re going to do that to….

Did not hear who they were going to do that to, but, this, this is why society will collapse…

7:[ You cannot have a serious, thoughtful, and passionate discussion on the progressive, liberal agenda and how protest and aggressive resistance is what has been at the forefront of change with your big, hairy ass crack spilling out the back of your pants for all the rest of the coffee shop to see….

8:[ So, I find myself watching “Roseanne” in reruns a lot lately. I never really got into it as it first aired but did make note of all the controversy surrounding Roseanne Barr at the time, and how everyone seemed to hate her for some reason. I used to catch it in reruns back in Wyoming form time to time, but this as when it was still on the air and the reruns were of the earlier seasons.

But when I finally got a television that worked, I find myself watching “Roseanne” a lot and being impressed with how it was both ahead of its time in the topics it chose to deal with, and how perceptive it seems in hindsight in how the middle class was disappearing. It is a solid, well-made piece of television. I find myself enjoying it…

That is it for this month, nothing really new to pass on. Life has been plodding along and I have been hit with some difficulties but I am trying to get through them. It will not stop me from writing my thoughts for you month to month.

As always, I invite you to comment, correct, or contradict anything I write here. I am open to a critical debate. Thanks for taking the time to check out what I write here and I will see you in a month.

Until next time, remember “I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control everything really are.”

2017 Ernest M Whiteman III

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